We've compiled a list of items that you will commonly need if you are a new establishment.  Feel free to contact us to help you put together an opening order for your business.

Bar Supplies

Bar Aide Napkin Caddy

Bar Mat 3”x24”

Bar Spoon 11”

Bar Towel Rib Linen dz

Bottle Opener Speed Metal

Candles Venetian

Cocktail Shaker S/S 15oz

Cocktail Shaker  S/S 28oz

Cocktail Strainer

Condiment  Fruit  Tray 4pt Plastic

Condiment Fruit  Tray 6pt Plastic

Container w/ spigot 22QT

Corkscrew Waiter

Cutting Board 6x9

Drain Extension

Fruit Knife

Glass Brush Triple

Glass Rimmer

Ice Scoop 12oz (Ice Well)

Ice Scoop 82oz(Ice Machine)

Jigger S/S  ¾ x1.25oz


Mesh for Glassware

Muddler Plastic ea

Beverage Napkin 10x10 4/1000cs


Stor N Pour Complete (Quart Size)

Sword Picks 1000/box

Tooter Plastic Bulk   1000cs

Vacuvin Stopper 2pk

Vacuvin Wine Saver w/2 Stoppers



Cranberry OS 12/32oz

Grapefruit 48/6oz

Orange Tropicana 12/32oz

Pineapple 48/6oz

Tomato Campbell 48/6oz

V8 Campbell 48/6oz



BMM  NOF or Zesty 12/32oz

Grenadine Bob’s 32oz

Lime Gimlet NOF 32oz

Orgeat Bob’s 32oz

Pina Colada NOF 32oz

Simple Bob’s 32oz

Sour LemNJoy 32oz

Sour Vera Cruz 32oz

Triple Sec Bob’s 32oz

Cups/ Straws

Cup pl 3oz (shots) 25/100cs

Cup plastic 9oz (mix drinks) 25/100cs

Cup plastic 12oz  20/50cs

Cup plastic 16oz  (Beer) 20/50cs

Sip Stix 5 ¼ Black  10/100cs

Sip Stix 5 ¼ R/W stripe 10/100cs

Straw Jumbo 7 ¾  Clear 50/250cs

Straw Jumbo 7 ¾ W/R Stripe 50/250cs



Disp Soap

Disp Toilet Tissue

Disp  Hand Towel


Condiment Food

Bitters Angostura 10oz

Cherry Red Stem 6 ½ gal

Green Beans Cajun Chef 36oz

Okra Cajun Chef ½ gal

Olive Juice 12.7oz

Olive Med Stuff ½ gal

Onion Cocktail 32oz

Pepper Black 4oz

Salt Celery  8oz

Salt Margarita 6oz

Sauce Lea & Perrin 10oz

Sauce Hot Tabasco 5oz

Water Drinking  Crystal Geyser 24/16.9oz

Water Canada Club Soda  24/10oz

Water Canada Club Tonic 24/10oz


Janitorial Supplies

BC Glass Cleaner 100pk

BC Sanitizer 100pk (chlorine)

Bleach 4/gal

Broom Toy 38”

Broom Warehouse

CHC Sanatizer #3lb

CHC Test Kit (chlorine)

Disenf Lemon, Mint, Pine 10

Dust Pan Lobby

Gloves Latex Pwd-Pwd Free


Mop Bucket Combo

Sanitary Receptors

Sanitary Liners

Thermometer Ice Box

Toilet Tissue Reg,  Junior, Jumbo

Towels Centerpull

Towels Brown Roll

Trash Can 10gl White or Grey (for Ice)

Trash Can  44gl

Trash Can Slim Jim Black or Brown

Trash Liner

Urinal Screen Wave

Herbal Mint-Mango-Spicy Apple


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